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Best warm destinations for winter travel

Looking to escape winter? You might want to head for one of WalletHub's "Best Warm Destinations for Winter Travel." Click through to see the top 10 cities that made the list.

Ohio mom closes living room until Thanksgiving

One Ohio mom isn't just telling the kids to get out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving, she's closed off the living room to keep it clean until Thanksgiving.Her 17-year-old son tweeted a picture of the note his mother posted with…

Lego replica of Philadelphia under construction

Lego builders are constructing a replica of the city of Philadelphia to celebrate the opening of its new Legoland Discover Center.Residents can vote on Facebook for the Philadelphia landmarks they want to see in the model.UPI reports that locations such…

Fattest states in America

Obesity is becoming the new normal in the United States, but the problem is bigger in some states than in others.

What to watch on Election Day

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have stated their case to be president. Now, it's up to the people to decide the outcome. Click through to see what to watch for as the election unfolds.

States with the best, worst overall representation

As the election nears, WalletHub has published its list of the "States with the Best & Worst Representation on Election Day." Analysts looked at the distribution of voters using demographics, including gender, race and age. Click to see the list of the best, followed by the world.

2016 World Series: Cubs defeat Indians 8-7

The 2016 World Series started Oct. 25, at Progressive Field in Cleveland, with the National League champion Chicago Cubs and the American League champion Cleveland Indians.

Top cities for vegans

The vegan lifestyle--a practice dating back to ancient times--is certainly on the rise today. Animal advocates PETA even declared 2016 "#TheYearOfTheVegan." In wake of PETA's declaration, CNN put together its top picks for the most vegan-friendly cities throughout the world.

What is the Electoral College?

The person who wins the popular vote in this presidential election might not actually win the presidency. The Electoral College takes the final vote -- not us.