Lizzo, Tool, Tame Impala headline Bonnaroo festival

Nashville, Tenn. (AP) — After dominating 2019, singer-rapper Lizzo will be the first female act to headline the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this June. Tool and Tame Impala will also headline the four-day festival.

Weekend Soundtrack: Billy Joel will see the lights go out at Miller Park

The Piano Man is coming to Milwaukee

After some conspiracy and an accidental slip from the Milwaukee Brewers, it's official: the Piano Man is coming to Milwaukee. Legendary singer and piano player Billy Joel will play Miller Park on Friday, April 26. In keeping with the tradition of this musical blog, we present you with three of our picks of underrated Billy Joel songs:

Weekend Soundtrack: Songs to ring in the new year

For old acquaintance be forgot, 2018 is quickly drifting away into our collective memories. With only a few more days until those ill-fated resolutions begin, many New Year's Eve celebrations are bound to feature a playlist of cheery sing-along songs and hopeful messages for the days to come. Others may include more reflective pieces attuned to the highs and lows of the preceding year. However you celebrate the holiday, here are three of our picks:

Weekend Soundtrack: Forgotten songs of yore

As the Beatles' Christmas song goes, Christmas time is here again. Among the many traditions that spring up this time of year, Christmas and holiday songs are hard to escape. When you're pumping gas, you might hear one of the more than 730 copyright recordings of "Silent Night" play over the gas station's speakers or one of nearly 400 copyright recordings of "Joy to the World." While many holiday songs are treasured classics, some songs fall out of flavor or are left to be forgotten.  For...

Weekend Soundtrack: 3 best live performances from Counting Crows

We'll have to settle for Youtube this time

After the Counting Crows canceled their show at Breese Stevens Field Wednesday due to storms and security concerns, I made a bold statement in the newsroom: "It's too bad because the Counting Crows live show is almost as good as seeing Springsteen." Disbelief, doubt, and thoughts that I may have finally lost it rained down upon Channel 3000's assistant news director. Out of a drive to prove myself right and since the dreads of Adam Duritz will not grace any stage in Madison for the...

Weekend Soundtrack: 3 great tracks from Paul McCartney's new album

Former Beatle singer is coming to Madison

If you haven't heard the news yet, there's a band on the run coming to Madison and they're bringing Paul McCartney with them. As part of his "Freshen Up" tour, McCartney will be playing his first show in Madison on June 6, 2019. The tour is in support of his new album, "Egypt Station," which is being released this weekend. To celebrate the former Beatle's upcoming visit to the capital city, here are three stand-out tracks from his new album:

Weekend Soundtrack: Celebrating the life and legacy of Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin died Thursday morning

With the death of Aretha Franklin on Thursday, it's no doubt this weekend her iconic voice will soar through thousands of speakers across the country. However, the Queen of Soul is often mistakenly thought of more for her hit singles than her albums. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to move past the singles and dig right into some of her best albums.