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A Happy Place

From art and architecture to furniture and flowers, a Middleton Hills home reflects its owners' loves

Quick Hits

StageQ presents its annual festival of shorts

Digging Out

As Parade builders shovel their way out of the recession, they describe dramatic shifts in the way they do business

A Great Escape

In these hectic times, is there anything more luxurious than getting away from it all?

Time Will Tell

Concerts on the Square gets under way later this month and lest we forget, State Capitol Police have some basic ground rules: Keep quiet during the show, no candles and don't dump your leftover wine on the lawn (it kills the grass). Concertgoers are also forbidden to place blankets on the lawn to stake out a spot prior to 3 p.m. So what happens to those who try to mark their territory too early? According to the event website, renegade blankets will be "folded and placed at the base of the nearest tree." That'll show 'em!

Lucky Mag Visits Madison

A Q&A with Lucky editor-at-large Elise Loehnen on Saturday's style event, plus, her wardrobe advice for women and all about her jet-setting job

My Pet Peeves

This rant is all about me; all about those food-related things that annoy me. Lily Tomlin says "Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain."I guess that's why I write:I have a lot to complain about. I once read that complaining was like trying to sweep up feathers: a lot of agitation with little effect.Regardless it's a good way to channel anger and frustration—and though tempting— more judicious than the alternative.

Summer Style Guide

Need a closet update? These warm-weather pieces will give your closet an instant refresher!


Gallery Night, an open house and your shopping dollars going to a good cause!

Ins and Outs

Wisconsin is the starting point for the latest exhibition at the James Watrous Gallery

Cult Classics

What makes a restaurant a cult classic?Obviously, they must have a loyal, hardcore group of customers, important in the food service industry where repeat business is key to success. But some for no apparent reason make it against all odds while others fail.They posses a mystique that's indefinable.The kind of restaurant I refer to is always local, oozes personality and is a bit quirky. Most are inexpensive and the food served without pomp or circumstances.They all have a history and rarely advertise. For what it's worth, here's my list: Drink the Kool-Aid!

Choosing Sides

When we dine out it's all about the entrée. Translated from French, "entrée" means "entry" and that's why we go to restaurants that specialize in steak, seafood, burgers, and pizza.But even Eric Cartman knows that a real meal is nothing without fine side dishes.For too long, sides we're relocated to a choice of potato, soup or salad (the soup du jour offering the only hope of not being totally predictable).The mark of a successful side dish is that it not only enhances the main course but would be satisfying all by itself.Here are my awards for best dishes in a supporting role.


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