Madison Commons

Literacy Network aims to change lives through adult basic education

There were 12 people in the classroom of the former Wingra Clinic in the afternoon on Oct. 26. They were separated into six student-tutor pairs. Some pairs read simple passages, pronounced and spelled words, while others used laptops to go on Google, use Microsoft Office, or email in an attempt to improve their literacy. The process went on for two hours in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. This is how most classes are in the Literacy Network.

What's the buzz? Madison works to become a Bee City

Most people who encounter bees worry about what they will do—sting us, crawl into pop cans or buzz around homes while residents crouch in the corner wielding a broomstick. However, in the city of Madison, bees are being recognized as an important part of the local ecology and urban agriculture.

Recent campus protest speaks to larger community issues

Given the large number of executive actions President Donald Trump has taken in his first two weeks in office, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said he is mindful of the fact that there are "tipping points… for issues that are so compelling."

Meet this election's MMSD school board candidates

Last week, approximately 200 Madison residents were introduced to the six individuals vying for the two open seats on the Madison Metropolitan School District school board at a forum hosted by Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools.