John Roach

Roach: Finding a safe haven from politics

Author John Sandford's books hold up over time

When the world becomes too much—when you can no longer tolerate the political acrimony, the maddening thrum of social media or the Brewers’ record—it becomes time to take haven.

Roach: Madison and the rise of Foodie Nation

Four chefs in the running for James Beard Awards

The announcement earlier this year that four Madison chefs are in the running for various James Beard Awards gives Madison cause for celebration.

Roach: From the Pill to Tinder

Not since the Pill has something changed the...

Not since the Pill has something changed the American romantic landscape in such stunning fashion.

Roach: The Blue Screen of Death

Steve Jobs gave us a new world with the iPhone....

Steve Jobs gave us a new world with the iPhone. Like it or not, he changed us irrevocably. Yet, as we know, not all for good.

Voter fatigue produces candid candidates

Imagine if politicians spoke the truth

Will the politicians endlessly wandering Iowa finally toss their talking points and speak like real human beings? Might they actually speak the truth?

Doug Moe's farewell: Telling Madison stories

Former columnist says good bye

Former columnist for the Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal, and former editor of Madison Magazine says goodbye to the readers of his newspaper column.

A mind of one's own

There is a new concept being bandied about these days. And that word is "mindfulness."