John Roach

Roach: Heavenly peace

My understanding of Christmas has morphed.

As chronicled previously in this space, my relationship with Christmas is uneasy. 

Roach: Fly away home

Madison is being considered as a base for the F-35

There is change coming to America’s military capabilities.

Roach: Animal instinct

It's been a couple of years since we surrendered our family pooch, a border collie mix named Philip Seymour Dog, aka Philly.

John Roach's parting words to Nails' Tales

Donald Lipski's Nails' Tales is going away

They have taken action. After guarding the western gateway to the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus and Camp Randall for 14 years, Nails' Tales is going away. The powers that be have decided to remove Donald Lipski's statue after its gig overlooking Badger football Saturdays.

Roach: Double standards in the news industry

Pressure on a woman's appearance is constant

As news anchors deliver breathless updates or sage counsel, I find myself distracted, not by the information I am receiving, but by a fundamental injustice I am seeing.

Roach: On the wing

In all the clutter, there are gems to be found

Yet in all the clutter, there are gems to be found. 

Roach: a boomer's plea

Ah yes. Another month of national turmoil.

People — we do not need another old-ass president.

Roach: Econ 101

Leaders of UW–Stevens Point made seismic waves

It’s not often that folks in Madison pay attention to the happenings in Stevens Point, but this past month was different.

Roach: Airplane mode

Pondering the use of Facebook

By now it is no secret that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were weaponized for use against our own nation and political process.

Roach: Stranger in the night

A raccoon invaded the attic of John Roach's home

At 3 a.m., when sleep is the deepest ... BOOM! THUD! MOVEMENT! THUD! BIG SCURRYING! 

Roach: Friday night fights

Edgewood high school never plays on its home field

Since 1881, the Crusaders of Edgewood have never played a Friday night game on their home field.

Roach: A doggone good companion

We bonded in the way only a human can with a dog

Despite all the mayhem, we had bonded in the way only a human can connect with a dog.

Roach: Cream or sugar?

Mornings are a time of respite

In the morning there is no social adrenaline. No hyperactivity. The day has just begun.

Roach: The Great Divide

The friction of the red state/blue state

In our new era of The F-5 President, it is tough to ponder any single issue too long. The words and actions fly through the air like the Wicked Witch of the East on her bike.

Roach: We have lost truth

America is dysfunctional as it has ever been

It is best if this piece begins with an apology. To all my friends, both real and virtual, I profess my deepest apologies for going nuts on Facebook the last few months. It’s been a problem. 

Roach: Being brave during times of fear

Remembering America's past during Fourth of July

We have always figured out a way to make America a little better with each generation. And we don’t do it out of fear. We do it because we love freedom for ourselves and others.

Roach: I need a hero

But really, what is a hero?

In August's column, John Roach finds true heroes to be exceeding rare and when misusing the title, we diminish the actions of the truly heroic.

Roach: Water brings our mind peace

Find peace around water for a Blue Mind

I am always happy to be in the waters of our lake, so I wasn’t angry. In fact, it fills me with joy just to look at it, just as it makes me happy to gaze upon our Madison lakes.