34 dead from COVID-19 at King veterans nursing home as outbreak continues

In just the last six days, nine residents at the Wisconsin Veteran Affairs nursing home in King passed away from COVID-19. New death totals released Thursday show a total of 34 COVID-related deaths have occurred at the home since the pandemic began; across all three VA nursing homes in Wisconsin, 45 residents have died.

No, Wisconsin voter turnout wasn't 'improbably high.' Here's the facts about turnout calculations

In the wake of former Vice President Joe Biden's win in Wisconsin by 23,000 votes according to unofficial totals, theories have been flying from social media influencers that involve miscalculations of turnout or comparisons of turnout rates that aren’t equal. Frequently located outside Wisconsin and picking up traction within the state on Twitter and Facebook, accounts posting about “improbably high” turnout or theories of “more votes than registrations” lack both context and facts. 

A pile of mailboxes: Tracking the spread of misinformation in Wisconsin  

The life cycle of misleading images purporting to prove Postal Service misconduct shows how social media users can amplify falsehoods

A self-described media junkie and active voter who’s passionate about liberal political causes, Keith Klein of Menomonee Falls recently started using Twitter heavily. In spite of himself, he occasionally succumbs to what he calls “Twitter rage.”