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Living well in all of life's stages

Most people, if asked, will say they'd like to live a long life -- if they can live well. But "living well" can mean different things to different people. The Madison area offers a variety of options for living well…

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Real estate quality of life

The Madison market has a wealth of choices

Real estate is often discussed in terms of residential or commercial, in dollars and cents, square feet, or units sold. But real estate is also about the places where we choose to spend the days of our lives, and the Madison market holds a wealth of choices. Here’s a sampling.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Navigating Financial and Business Changes: It's More than Money

Financial decisions are not only about money.

Most financial and business decisions are not only about money; they involve a complex mix of financial and family considerations, legal and ethical questions, plus human emotion. Answers are seldom simple, and the guidance of capable professionals can be invaluable. Here, three of Madison’s financial and legal professionals discuss turning points that many individuals and business owners may face.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL: Custom makeovers for your bath

Considering a bathroom makeover

It may be the smallest room in the house, but your bathroom can have an outsized impact on daily life. After all, a bathroom is where you prepare yourself to take on the world each morning or to unwind at night—or both.

Special Promotional: Kitchen upgrades

Reinvigorate or completely reimagine your kitchen

Your kitchen. It’s where all the best parties end up. It’s where you and your family spend most of your time together. It’s the heart of the home, where you start your day, where you gather to rest and recharge, where you share food and laughter with friends. Is it time to reinvigorate or completely reimagine this centerpiece of your home? These area professionals can show you how. 

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Home Decorating Trends

Every Year Brings New Decorating Trends

 It’s exciting to re-create a room—opening the space, reconsidering the furnishings, or embracing a new color so you can see your home in a whole new light. And, like fashion, every year brings new decorating trends to consider. Here’s a sampling of ideas from industry professionals about what colors, textures and materials might bring new energy to a room in your home

PROMOTION: Getting Ready for the Golden Years

Businesses adjust to meet the needs of seniors

 As the population ages, businesses are adjusting to meet the needs of seniors. From financial services to a myriad of housing and long-term care options, Dane County has many excellent companies that are focused on the needs of retirees in the “golden years” of their lives. 

PROMOTION: How to move on up, Dane County style

Options abound for real estate buyers and builders

 Now more than ever, options abound for buyers, builders, remodelers and renters in the Madison-area real estate market. Do you want to buy an existing home and remodel it? Work with a builder to create the home you’ve always wished for? Or lease a condominium or apartment home? The respected Dane County companies featured in this article will help you assess your options and find the perfect place for you and your family.