Rain keeping mosquitoes at bay

It might not sound like it makes any sense, but all the rain southern Wisconsin has seen is actually keeping mosquitoes at bay.

How the city tests Madison's lakes for safety

Heavy rainfall means more bacteria in lakes

With water samples from lake Michigan and Lake Superior falling short of national standards, heavy rains could put Madison swimmers at risk if they take a dip in the wrong water.

Aquaponics experts gather in Stevens Point

Gardening system conference unites educators, growers, government reps

Aquaponics experts are gathering to talk about the best ways to create environments for growing fish and plants together at a conference in Stevens Point.

Summer Skin Safety

The importance of summer skin safety cannot be overstated: It's possible that sustaining just a single blistering sunburn before the age of eighteen can double your chance of developing deadly melanoma later in life.

Bad-Guy Gluten

Does the foodstuff deserve its bad reputation?

Does the foodstuff deserve its bad reputation?

DNR warns of poison plants

Poison hemlock, wild parsnip becoming more commong along roadsides

Wisconsin wildlife officials are warning people to be on the lookout for a couple of poison plants.

Dane County in top 25 for healthy kids

4 Wis. counties make national list

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Dane County 21st on its list of the healthiest counties for kids across the country. 

Hotel carbon monoxide leak sends 9 to hospital

Fire dept. responds after high levels of CO found in sick employee's blood

Officials said nine guests and workers at a local hotel were taken to the hospital overnight for treatment of possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Insurance leaders detail uncertainty of overhaul

Leaders say problems will be worked out as everyone understands system

The leaders of four major health insurance companies in Wisconsin say the roll out of new private market exchanges under the federal health care law will be filled with uncertainty and horror stories.

Health groups unite against ban on sugar bans

Provision included in state budget

Six health groups have united against a provision in the Wisconsin state budget that would prohibit local communities from banning sugary foods and drinks.