Know the Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Across two brisk days in February 1995, Denise Brown took the stand in one of the most infamous murder trials in U.S. history. Denise's sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, was dead; Nicole's ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, was accused of murdering her. Witnesses came out of the woodwork testifying to O.J.'s alleged abuse, but it didn't seem possible to Brown. There was no way her strong, vibrant sister had been a battered woman. She believed this, even as she testified to an incident in which Simpson, after hurling Nicole into a wall, physically threw both Nicole and Denise out of the house and onto the sidewalk.

Cancer Prevention and Screening

Colon (or colorectal) cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in this country, yet it lacks the visibility and awareness of many other types of cancer. It's also highly curable if caught early enough, so the medical profession urges everyone of average risk to begin colon cancer screening at age fifty. African Americans, who are at higher risk (they tend to get it earlier and in a more aggressive form), should begin screening at age forty-five. Anyone with a family history of either benign polyps or colon cancer is also at risk; these groups should start screening five years earlier than the age the youngest relative was when affected, depending on how close the relation.