Donna's Corn Chowder

This soup is simple to put together quickly. It has great flavor. Add a little heat with Asian chili garlic sauce.

Donna's Pizza With Veggie Crust -- Cauliflower

Your kids, family or guests will never guess that this pizza crust is made out of chopped cauliflower. Do not tell anyone until they have tasted it and they will be astonished. A vegetable crust for pizza! Sounds too healthy to be true!

Donna's Recipes: Creamy Winter Vegetable Soup

Don?t be deceived by the name of this soup. It is very low in fat but has a wonderful creamy texture and complex flavor. It is full of important nutrients and fiber. Choose any combination of root vegetables and add sausage, ham, or other meat if desired.

Donna's Quinoa With Veggies

Quinoa has a great nutty flavor and is extremely versatile. Cook the quinoa and add a combination of vegetables and beans that your family will enjoy.

Donna's White Bean Soup With Fresh Kale

White beans flavored with a good sausage forms the base of this soup. The kale is added for extra color and texture. The great bonus is that kale is very high in vitamin A and lutein -- a nutrient that is good for your eyes.