Lobster: Take a crack at cooking it at home

It’s hard to believe that an ingredient now considered such a shining star in the firmament of fine dining was once simply discarded as a throwaway item when it appeared unwanted in fishing nets.

Bright lemon balances richness of one-pot pasta

Tomatoes may get more attention. But throughout Italy, lemon often finds its way into pasta. The sour and subtly sweet citrus balances the noodle’s starch and the sauce’s heft. It functions much like the freshly ground black pepper that offsets pecorino Romano in cacio e pepe. And it serves a similar role as tomato often does, providing acidity that cuts through cheese. The cooks at Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street had this in mind for a spaghetti recipe that prominently features lemon. The bright, bracing zest and juice perk up the savoriness of garlic, pancetta and capers. A dusting of golden crisp breadcrumbs adds texture.

50 most popular chain restaurants in America

Here's a look at America’s vast and divergent variety of chain restaurants ranked by overall positive opinion scores and then broken down by generation — baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials.

EatingWell: Add some Cajun spice to your salad

Coat chicken with spices common to Cajun cooking, like dried thyme and cayenne pepper. Then, instead of using the traditional method of searing in a cast-iron pan, we char it on the grill.

Sun Prairie outdoor farmers' market starts Saturday

MADISON, Wis. -- Sun Prairie's outdoor farmers' market opens for the season on Saturday with goodies from dozens of local vendors. This year's market will take place on Market Street and Cannery Place around Cannery Square Park from 7 a.m.…