Study: Children Eat Healthier During Family Meals

A study published this month in the journal Pediatrics reveals that children who joined family members regularly for meals were 24 percent more likely to eat healthy foods than children who rarely ate with families. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Editorial: Time For Kids -- Childhood Obesity

05/15/11However one enters the discussion of food systems, sustainable agriculture and Slow Food, inevitably the discussion leads to health and childhood obesity. One of our most glaring failures as a society to come to grips with the flaws in our…

A Vote For Healthy Food

09/28/10It is a testament to the political environment in this country today that we ask support for an imperfect bill on school food policy and resources. If we can't agree on the health and welfare of our kids, to say…

Stylish Vegetable Names Encourage Healthy Eating

As the childhood obesity epidemic surges, there's a push to battle the bulge before children ever have a chance to put on the weight.More than 9 million Americans between the ages of 6 and 19 years old are considered obese,…

Eye On Health: Kids Eating Right

Most of us would give ourselves a passing grade, when it comes to how well we eat. But new USDA studies show that most of us are failing -- not only ourselves, but also our kids.