PHOTOS: Sunday night's lunar eclipse

The night of September 27-28 showcased a lunar eclipse coupled with a "supermoon": a full moon that appears larger because it's at perigee, the closest point of its orbit with Earth. The concurrence is relatively rare, having not happened since 1982.

PHOTOS: Little superheroes learn super skills at training camp

At superhero training camp at Kennedy Elementary School on Madison's east side Saturday afternoon, children ages 4 to 8 and their guardians were given capes and took on a course of challenges to learn how to be superheroes. The event is part of Madison School & Community Recreation's effort to get kids outdoors and stay active.

PHOTOS: After-storm rainbows pop up

Rain showers Tuesday gave the colorful phenomenons the chance to shine for the cameras.Check it out: rainbows by lakes, across highways and ending in a pool! Share your rainbows via email with or on social media at:Twitter: @WISCTV_News3Instagram: @wisctv_channel3000Facebook:

PHOTOS: Arctic Passage opens at Vilas Zoo

Henry Vilas Zoo got bigger this week with the official opening of the Arctic Passage to the public Saturday. Did your family visit Madison's free zoo? Send photos to!

Cold doesn't stop Wonder Bugs from exploring

Kids learn through outdoor activities at nature center

The thought of a Wisconsin winter can make someone want to cozy up indoors, but the people at Aldo Leopold Nature Center in Monona always have a way to get outdoors.

Beat the winter blues: Explore the outdoors year-round

Fun winter activities that can keep the whole family active

Finding the motivation to get up, get out and get active can get harder as the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder. But even with snow on the ground and a chill in the air, you can reap the many benefits of spending time outside.

Winter recreation areas expect good season despite warm December

Artificial snow doesn't keep skiers, snowboarders off slopes

Despite a slight warm-up the last couple of weeks, owners of skiing and snowboarding recreation areas are expecting a good winter season. However, they are hoping temperatures don't climb high enough to keep customers away from the slopes.