Urban Theater

Ever feel like those TV talent shows feature a lack of . . . oh, you know . . . talent?

Mellencamp unhappy with Gov. Scott Walker

Musician John Mellencamp wants Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to know that he supports collective bargaining and union rights and Walker should know that before using his song "Small Town" on the campaign trail.

Locals Enter Lottery To Win $640 Million Jackpot

Someone from Wisconsin could be a millionaire by 10 p.m. FridayThe jackpot for Mega Millions is now at a record-breaking $640 million. Odds for winning are slim, one in 176 million, but the stakes are high. The winner in Wisconsin…

City: If Mifflin 2012 Fails, Party's Over

If the Mifflin Street Block Party does not work this year, city officials said they will shut it down.The news came from a Mifflin neighborhood meeting at the Madison Senior Center on Tuesday night.City officials said that they will eliminate…

Amazing Race Blog: Wicked Strange, Indeed

A week after a ho-hum episode, CBS?s best reality show came roaring back Sunday night with an installment that had it all: Laughs, suspense, unexpected twists, exotic locales, romance, and a great finish by Team Madison. We've got your recap.

Madison Police Want To Downsize Mifflin Block Party

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray said Monday that the Madison Police Department wants to downsize the annual Mifflin Street Block Party with the goal of minimizing the potential for violence. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Amazing Race Blog: Peace For Team Madison?

Team Madison's Rachel and Dave continue to lag behind Art and JJ in The Amazing Race, but perhaps more importantly for them long-term, they're suddenly getting along. C3K Blogger Jeff Robbins reviews the latest episode.

Review: Christopher Taylor Excites Celtic Crowd

By William R. Wineke Special to Channel 3000 MADISON, Wis. -- They say a prophet can be without honor in his home town, but University of Wisconsin-Madison piano professor Christopher Taylor is an exception.Taylor, associate professor of piano performance in…

See Freakfest 2011 Recap

While Halloween in Madison already has a legendary reputation, this year's Freakfest was one for the history books.The event, held on Oct. 30, along State Street brought costumed revelers and masked onlookers to celebrate the holiday.If you missed it or…