We cannot miss opportunity to act on opioid crisis

We applaud Gov. Scott Walker for calling the state Legislature into special session to deal with the public health crisis of opioid abuse, even as we challenge the governor, lawmakers and others to expand the session's breadth and reach.

New law is small step forward to stop drunken driving

It's not clear what's more disturbing -- Wisconsin remaining the last state in the nation to treat a first drunken driving offence as a mere civil violation, or the fact a new law that goes into effect next week will make a fourth offense a felony in every case.

Opinion: 17-year-olds deserve a chance out of adult court

Like many of you we are going to spend some time this week looking ahead to the issues we care about and want to pursue in the new year. One of those is the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families' continued push to return 17-year-old kids accused of a crime to the juvenile justice system.

Extend peace to those around this Christmas

Of all the many components of Christmas among the winter holidays, the one that always seems to fit the best, to be the most universal and most connected to the meaning and spirit of the holiday is the sense of and appreciation for peace.

Madison is a city that cares

If the key to eradicating poverty and its attendant homelessness and panhandling is a series of meaningful, effective and humane strategies backed by resources and commitment, then this week has been a good week in Dane County.