Partnering to teach teachers is great innovation

Ensuring that Wisconsin is a state where every child thrives, one of the objectives of our editorial agenda for this year, will require innovation. And sometimes the most innovative ideas begin with simple collaboration.

Legalizing CBD oil was positive, responsible, humane

The 31 to 1 vote by the Wisconsin State Senate in support of legalizing a marijuana extract to treat children with seizure disorders is a positive, responsible and humane step in lessening pain and suffering. But it's a very small step. And so much more could be done.

Forum focuses on uniting Madison

President Donald Trump's proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, sanctions against so-called sanctuary communities, and "America First" rhetoric, are threatening some deeply held values around inclusion and diversity.

Thank you President Obama

As President Barack Obama leaves office we would like to offer a simple and heartfelt appreciation for his service. At the very least he deserves our gratitude.