Editorial: Unfinished business leaves room for big ideas

One of the tools we’ve used to help us focus our editorials over the last 28 years is an annual editorial agenda. It was a handful of issues we felt deserved added attention, an effort to reflect the issues important at the time. And it was frequently a reminder of what we had yet to accomplish.

Editorial: Wrapping up 28 years of editorials

I need to wrap up 28 years of editorials here in the three I have remaining, and I want to start by thanking my editorial board for allowing me some personal thoughts in these last few.

Editorial: Modifying student behavior

In her letter to the UW-Madison community Chancellor Rebecca Blank wrote “This virus cannot be controlled without each of us modifying our normal behavior.” The question is can UW students modify their normal behavior?

Editorial: Making UW System 'more relevant and relatable'

It is certainly not a surprise to this editorial board that former Governor Tommy Thompson is seizing the opportunity of serving as President of the UW System to encourage greater investment in the UW to leverage the system in meeting the immediate and future needs of Wisconsin.