Doug Moe’s Madison

Jonathan Little, Madison’s music missionary

Longtime WISM figure now promoting Americana music

Jonathan Little currently manages a handful of musicians and programs three channels for the online music streaming service Accuradio and for 22 years has worked as an executive for TroyResearch.

Madison’s Isaac Scott is a photographer now

Current issue of The New Yorker features protest photos taken by West High School graduate.

Seven of Isaac Scott's breathtaking black and white images taken at protests in Philadelphia are spread across 14 pages in the June 22 issue of The New Yorker magazine, which includes other stories related to George Floyd and social justice.

A gripping first novel from Innocence Project’s Steven Wright

‘The Coyotes of Carthage’ draws on UW law professor’s experience.

Steven Wright’s first novel, “The Coyotes of Carthage,” is informed by the five years the author spent doing voting rights litigation for the United States Department of Justice.

A fond farewell to Bill and Bobbie Malone

The much admired authors and musicians are returning to their home state of Texas.

Bill and Bobbie Malone are basically inseparable. They play music together and after her 2011 retirement from the Wisconsin Historical Society, Bobbie helped with “Back to the Country,” Bill's Wednesday morning program on WORT-FM.

Cycling with America’s first black sports hero

Marshall “Major” Taylor become a champion despite facing prejudice.

Michael Kranish’s book “The World’s Fastest Man: The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America’s First Black Sports Hero" is about cycling and about race relations at an earlier time in the United States.

The end of college boxing

Two authors talk after 60th anniversary of the last UW–Madison bout

A somber anniversary was a chance for Doug Moe to reconnect with Evert Wallenfeldt, the author of a seminal book on the history of collegiate boxing.

‘Never stop singing’ says opera star Jeni Houser

Sheltering in Stoughton, she and husband/tenor David Blalock remain grateful for Madison Opera.

Jeni Houser and her husband, tenor David Blalock, were scheduled to sing the leads in the Madison Opera production of “Orpheus in the Underworld” before COVID-19 caused its cancellation.

Madison man Evan Hill wins Pulitzer Prize

West High School graduate now works at the New York Times

“When I was in [Cairo's] Tahrir Square in 2011 is still probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. But catching a Russian war plane in the act of bombing a hospital is right up there,” Evan Hill says.

Leo Burt, the Unabomber and me

As the 50th anniversary of the bombing of UW–Madison's Sterling Hall approaches, a man remains at large.

The 50th anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus is not an anniversary that Madison will celebrate, but it’s a significant milestone, nonetheless. And it contains some unfinished business — one of this city’s most enduring mysteries.

Clara Colby’s crusade for women

Contemporary of Susan B. Anthony among first women to graduate from the University of Wisconsin

Susan B. Anthony called Clara Colby the best writer in the women’s movement, a sentiment shared by Anthony’s famous colleague, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Walking with memories in the Arb

Doug Moe finds an abundance of turkeys, deer and inscriptions.

"What the Arboretum walks have done for me — in addition to providing the obvious benefit of time spent in a truly beautiful natural environ right in the city — is trigger memories," Doug Moe writes.

City Attorney Mike May's last day nears

Free spirit was a good fit for Madison

For more than a decade, Mike May’s distinguished run as Madison’s city attorney coincided with my somewhat less distinguished run as a daily newspaper columnist in the city.

Ben Sidran's 'love song' to a legendary producer

Musician writes Tommy LiPuma biography, hosts radio show

Tommy LiPuma's work with legends — including Miles Davis, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand and Willie Nelson — produced a deep well of stories Ben Sidran includes in the book.

Podcast traces ink in Maraniss blood

Daughter draws stories out of Pulitzer Prize-winning father

The podcast "Ink in Our Blood" is David and Sarah Maraniss in conversation, including all aspects of David's career and how writing has been the through line for several generations of their family.

Isthmus closes but memories remain

A writer for the weekly looks back, hopes for a return

"The shuttering of Isthmus hit me harder than I might have expected. Amid all the virus upheaval, it’s what I keep returning to," Doug Moe writes.

The birth of the Brewers

Chris Zantow writes authoritative book on the return of Major League baseball to Milwaukee

The story of how the Brewers came to Milwaukee in 1970 is deserving of a book, and now we have one thanks to Chris Zantow.

Checking in with adventure author Jim Campbell

Books, a TV show and a search for a downed WWII plane

Globetrotting Lodi author Jim Campbell's writing has taken him to icy Alaska, the steamy jungles of New Guinea and many remote outposts in between.

'Rate the beef and drink the beer'

Burger Night Out group makes 150th stop over 15 years

Burger Night out, a group of Madison carnivores, recently made their 150th stop on a nearly 15-year, once-a-month excursion.

Dane County’s Field of Dreams

Meet Bill Schultz, the man looking to build a local Miracle League field

On Saturday, March 7, the Miracle League of Dane County is holding a day-long fundraiser at Oakstone Recreational in Cottage Grove for the planned Miracle League field to be built in the village.

Badger hockey’s No. 1 fan

Seven-year-old Jaxton Ernst can’t get enough

After a chance meeting in 2016, then 4-year-old Jaxton Ernst become Badgers hockey’s biggest fan.

The battle for the legitimacy of women’s sports was waged here

Current popularity of women’s intercollegiate athletics may be due to pioneers at UW–Madison

Title IX — the landmark 1972 legislation that was supposed to bring equity for women’s intercollegiate athletics — was belittled, ignored and caught up in appeals for years. But incremental gains were made.

Madison Chocolate Co. wins over a culinary legend

Alice Waters find her passion — in MCC’s Passion Fruit Caramel

The familiar face of culinary legend Alice Waters suddenly loomed in front of the owners of Madison Chocolate Co. as they exhibited the passion fruit caramel confections that won them a 2020 Good Food Award.