Donna’s Recipes

Donna's corn and pepper bake

Dress up your corn dish with this easy to prepare make-ahead recipe. Prepare it ahead and bake it right before serving. It also works well to bake it a day or two before serving. When ready to serve, just warm it in the microwave or oven. 

Donna's wild rice, cranberry orange bread

This bread is moist and slightly crumbly but SO super good. I love the crunchy texture of the rice and nuts. The cranberries with a touch of brandy and the orange juice adds flavor. 

Donna's wild rice with corn soup

This is an elegant soup that originated in Minnesota. It was made famous by Byerly's grocery store. There are many recipes for this soup and most of them are made with light or even heavy cream. This recipe is much lower in calories and fat but it is just as tasty. Corn adds additional texture and color. 

Donna's fresh corn, tomato and basil salad

The secret to this recipe is to prepare the salad with fresh sweet corn that is blanched for only 3 minutes in boiling water. Add the colorful tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella balls. You will get rave reviews.

Donna's cornbread

Cornbread is often dry and crumbly but you will be pleasantly surprised with this easy recipe. The cornbread turns out so moist and good. It will convert you into being a cornbread lover!

Donna's peach melba pie

Peach pies are a wonderful treat but fresh peaches are not available all year round and they are often expensive. This recipe was developed to use canned peaches and frozen raspberries. Enjoy it all year. It is super delicious.

Donna's Strawberries Romanoff

Sometimes simple is best. Serve this easy to prepare sauce on fresh fruits. It not only tastes wonderful, but it is low in calories too.

Donna's calico baked beans

There is something special about this combination of beans with a flavorful sauce.  The Calico beans can be made days before serving. Serve warm or cold.