Donna’s Recipes

Donna's Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Thaw frozen turkey breast in the refrigerator for two days before preparation. For faster thawing, place bagged breast in a sink of cool water for several hours. 

Donna's Nicoise Salad from Provence

This is a French-inspired salad that means "as prepared in Nice." The beauty of the salad lies in its presentation, which includes a medley of color, flavor and texture.

Donna's Peach Raspberry Custard Pie

I love a good pie and this is a really good pie. The combination of peaches and raspberries with a custard, make with Greek yogurt, is just plain yummy.

Donna's pea peanut salad

Cindy Alverez gives rave reviews to this recipe she shared with me. It was a big hit at our Jr. League summer picnic.

Donna's cod with parmesan dill topping

This recipe makes baked fish a little more special. Combine Parmesan cheese, sour cream and dill weed for a topping. Bake it and the fish takes on a whole new personality.

Donna's make-ahead mashed potatoes

These potatoes are wonderful. Even when made days ahead of time, the potatoes taste like you just made them. They are good to keep on hand in the refrigerator for a quick warming whenever you are in the mood for great mashed potatoes.(Do not freeze.) The white pepper is an essential ingredient.