Stop the Pop

t has no real nutritional value, can be addictive and contributes to one of our nation's biggest health problems. And the governor of New York wants to increase taxes on it to generate much-needed revenue and improve the health of his state.

The State Government Bailout

merican banks and U.S. automakers came to Washington in the midst of this economic crisis with their hands out looking for help. Congress handed over billions.

Fresh Air on the Menu

've always found the concept of a menu appealing. For me menus have represented unlimited potential, the promise that by choosing wisely delight awaits aided by the misguided impression that with simplified choices you can't go wrong.

The Blame Game

A rant on who's really to blame for the financial crisis.

Safety First

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray is the Person of the Year for 2008.

Death By Laughter

A book on Chris Farley prompts a discussion on the place of alcohol in Madison culture.

A Public Market to Model

One of the world's largest food markets in Turin, Italy seeks to educate consumers on sustainability and great taste.

Downtown Madison IS Safe

Downtown business is growing and the city is implementing stricter policies on issues such as panhandling.

Politics in the capital city

Colin tells us what the older generation thinks of the presidential candidates, and Jenny comments on the state "budget repair bill."

Heady Days Ahead

Heinen reflects on community united (environmental movements and health care reform) and community divided (racial inequality and primate research).