All Systems Go

The IFM is a Dane County-led effort linking large food buyers like hospitals, hotels, and others in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors with local growers and producers of local foods.

Scary Christmas

windless winter's night. The snow dawdled in the air, taking its time to turn the ground a Christmas white.

Putting on the Brakes

he realization that this is the December issue of the magazine (and I won't even get into the mind-warping notion of it being the last issue of this decade) almost kicked this particular View From Raymond Road into a premature "year in review," or worse yet, "preview of the year ahead" mode.

"Lump of Coal" Awards

t's hard to remember—blame it on the sleep deprivation that comes with parenthood and the seemingly wall-to-wall Brett Favre coverage—but there were things to celebrate in politics this year (the inauguration of our nation's first African American president comes to mind). But when we look at 2009, it's hard not to focus on some rough spots.

Skin Deep

ever been a fan of the diva Madonna.

Healthy Debate

was sitting more or less comfortably in the chair of Kelly, The World's Greatest Dental Hygienist, the other day and during the rinse cycle we compared notes on getting a swine flu shot. Call it health care multi-tasking. We both admitted some ambivalence in our individual assessments of the risks of the epidemic du jour—and this despite more news coverage than the war in Iraq (make your own casualty comparison here).

Food Fighter

Michael Pollan is the sage of the local food movement.

Beers and Freedom

t was twilight, those few moments when it is neither day nor night. Passed the cemeteries on Mineral Point, turned left at Glenway. The parking lot at the Village Bar looked lonely, so I pulled in for the simple pleasure of a cold beer at the end of the day.

Slow Money

alking about getting people to use money differently is hard." Yet that is exactly the task Woody Tasch has taken on. He is the chairman and president of Slow Money, and he was in Madison recently for the fifth in a series of Slow Money Institutes across the country attended by invited guests, farmers, producers, educators, community activists and others involved in building healthy, sustainable food systems.

Time to Hang Up

know I shouldn't do it—and not just because my mom scolds me when I call her during my evening commute home. We all know we shouldn't do it.


f you're like me, you've given some thought to the new hybrid cars on the market. Cleaner, more efficient automobile engines are at the very least one small part of reducing our carbon footprint. But did you know that if you are involved in an accident in a hybrid car, emergency responders need special training to get you out? The "Jaws of Life" don't work the same way with the new hybrid technology and public safety folks need knowledge and experience in how to use this life-saving equipment on the newer cars. And they're getting it … at MATC.