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Let That Deal Go Down

View Slideshow » Early on an April morning Madison neighborhood activist Bob Queen is taking care of business in room 137 of a worn out Days Inn on the outskirts of Lafayette, Louisiana. The door to his makeshift motel office is open wide to the sidewalk where members of Mali's Mamadou Diabate Ensemble roll metal crates filled with drums, stringed instruments and costumes from a storage room. A tangy blue haze of tobacco smoke floats above the exotic sounds of French-Bambara conversation. Queen slides his Marquette Neighborhood Association business card across the table to a young, French Canadian musician named Tania Elizabeth. As she reaches for the card the petite fiddler's forearm exposes a colorful cross-stitching of tattoos. Elizabeth's band, The Duhks (pronounced "ducks"), Winnipeg's celebrated new traditional string band, will headline one of five stages in the weekend stretch of the Festival International de Louisiane. For five, music-filled days each April, the ratty but lovingly run motel is transformed into a southern fried musician's village. Performers and their managers take over nearly every room of the motel. The small dining area is transformed into a twenty-four-hour drop-in buffet. Tables are continuously replenished with deep pans of freshly made crawfish etouffée, tureens of rice, shrimp, and chicken gumbo, bowls of jambalaya, buckets of fried chicken, baskets of hot biscuits and sheets of fresh-baked cookies.

Death By Laughter

A book on Chris Farley prompts a discussion on the place of alcohol in Madison culture.

A Public Market to Model

One of the world's largest food markets in Turin, Italy seeks to educate consumers on sustainability and great taste.

Popular Pom

The Brass Ring's Pom Pear Cream Martini is quickly becoming one of the bar's most popular mixed drinks.

Got Gas?

Palmer answers why beer has bubbles and sometimes tastes fruity.

The More, the Merrier

Versatile musician Rick Flowers is concerned about cuts in school music programs and beleives all genres of music have a place in Madison.

Home Style

Learn about home design styles from Prairie to Modernism.

Meet your Match

Learn to differentiate styles of furniture and architecture.


Four prominent designers describe their styles, inspiration and favorite projects.

Double Take

Charming home in the Blackhawk neighborhood has comfy, not stuffy, feel

It's a Jungle in Here

A look into the world of animal research at UW and beyond. Why the debate remains so heated.

Downtown Madison IS Safe

Downtown business is growing and the city is implementing stricter policies on issues such as panhandling.

Invest in the Best

An investment advisor says companies with a social conscience have smart management and ultimately big returns.

Raising the Grade

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton works to improve the status of women in business and politics.

A Woman's Intuition

Hazel Tookes's intuition led to an early diagnosis of breast cancer and her trust in God helped her through the treatment.

Politics in the capital city

Colin tells us what the older generation thinks of the presidential candidates, and Jenny comments on the state "budget repair bill."


Learn about the benefits of restoring old buildings, artsy violins, skinny t-shirts and a triathlon for everyday Joes.