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Statue of Liberty to return to Lake Mendota

The original was in 1979, but Lady Liberty made a return in 2019 after 40 years

The Statue of Liberty tradition is returning to Lake Mendota during the Wisconsin Union's Winter Carnival on Feb. 3-9.

Using her voice to help local businesses in their recruiting efforts

Deborah Biddle has a varied background that suits her entrepreneurial spirit

A professional coach with a diverse background — from a career in finance to a stint as a recording artist — shares how she incorporates her experience as a person of color in helping local businesses in their recruiting efforts.

Listen deeper with the Local Voices Network

The core goal is to understand one another better

When the 2016 presidential election left pundits and pollsters stunned over how they could have been so off base about the concerns of rural America, they came looking for Kathy Cramer.

Warning signs of climate change

What is being done in the area?

The Madison area is experiencing frequent flooding, algae-choked lakes, heat waves and the presence of more disease-bearing ticks and mosquitoes. But what is being done about it?

Soldiering on

200,000 troops re-enter civilian life each year

Four of Dane County’s 26,237 veterans share their stories of service to this country, finding a new normal in life after war and how they soldier on despite the challenges.  

A startup city reboot

New writer follows her predecessor's lead

The new writer of this column follows her predecessor’s lead on how to cover a fast-changing segment of Madison’s economy.