Bill Wineke

Wineke: Trump supporter calls for martial law

The two things we need to remember about the day's news is that General Michael Flynn was once head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and was later National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump.

Wineke: Don't take away my vote

The attorney general of Texas, accompanied by 17 other state attorneys general and about half the Republicans in Congress, is petitioning the Supreme Court asking that Wisconsin's presidential votes be discarded*.

Wineke: Flynn calls for insurrection

So, what do we say when a retired general, a man who was once in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency, a man who was lauded as a great American patriot just a few days ago by the President of the United States, calls on the president to suspend the Constitution and demand the military approve a new election?

Good Things About the Election

As I watched far too much cable television during the past week, I kept being reminded of the year 2000 and the contest between Governor George W. Bush and then Vice President Al Gore.

What Message Are We Sending Our Kids?

If you have a child in school and that child is exposed to someone who has the Covid-19 virus, here's what will happen: Your kid will be sent home and told to quarantine for 14 days.

Wineke: Downed drone gives us hope

MADISON, Wis. -- My favorite news story of the day occurred in the skies above Lake Michigan last month, but it was reported Thursday. A Michigan state drone helicopter was attacked by a bald eagle. The drone crashed. The eagle flew…

Wineke: Law and Order, Trump style

Here is “Law and Order” Trump style: The Department of Homeland Security sends teams of police-type guards to Portland, Oregon, where they face dangerous combatants — a “Wall of Moms” dressed in yellow tee shirts and shoot chemical gas at the moms and at the city's mayor.

Wineke: Nihilism reigns

It's beginning to look as if the victorious social policy in today's confusing world is nihilism.