Best of Madison Business

Best of Madison Business 2017: Six leaders who are building up this city

Meet these talented, forward-thinking individuals.

We are watching Madison mature as a city right in front of our eyes. In our case, it’s taken a while—a hundred years or so. What can we say? We’re late bloomers. But we can see it happening. It is, in part, growth. Madison is unlikely to ever be a big city; you see, there’s that whole isthmus thing we’ve got going. But density is no longer a dirty word, and we’re filling out at the edges. And a quarter of a million

Best of Madison Business 2012: Poised to Break Through

Technology and the biosciences have been pillars of the Madison region’s economic development strategy for more than a decade now. We’ve invested heavily in these sectors, and the never-ending conundrum of a shortage of venture capital suggests untold, unlimited potential.