First NitroX Camp held at Madison College

MADISON, Wis. -- More than a dozen middle school students took part in a special automotive-themed summer camp at Madison College this week. The NitroX Camp, the first to be held at Madison College, helped participants learn skills based…

How you can make your tank of gas last longer as prices remain high

LA CROSSE (WKBT) – Across the United States, gas prices continue to rise. As of Thursday, the national average is now $5.00 a gallon according to AAA. Wisconsin’s average is just 10 cents lower at $4.90 a gallon. There are ways to increase gas mileage. Mechanic Tim Marcou, the owner of Northside Automotive & Fleet, recommends checking your tires. Make…

Harley-Davidson to restart Wisconsin, Pennsylvania plants

Harley-Davidson is set to reopen plants in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania after sorting out issues with a supplier. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the motorcycle manufacturer suspended operations at its plants in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and York, Pennsylvania, on May 19 for two weeks citing a regulatory complaint issue with a supplier. The company didn't name the supplier or provide other details. Harley-Davidson's stock dropped almost 9% the day the shutdown was announce. The company plans to restart the plants on Monday.

What to Do if Your Car Is Stolen

If you suspect your car has been stolen, you’re likely in disbelief and wondering what to do next. First, try not to panic. You may have simply forgotten where you…

Compare Car Insurance Quotes (2022 Rates)

When you’re shopping around for car insurance quotes, you may get lots of opinions on what company to use and what coverage to get. Comparing quotes from several different insurers is one of the best ways to save money. And it’s not a process that takes hours. With a minimal time investment, you can find […]