Behind the Wheel: 2020 Land Rover Defender 110

In the world of off-road vehicles, the Land Rover Defender is legendary. Sales in the U.S. stopped in the 1990s because of safety standards, but the British car maker reintroduced it here in 2020.

Behind the Wheel: 2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Three-row SUV's are the modern equivalent of the old school family station wagons from the 80s. The 2021 Toyota Highlander gets the job done. Harvey Briggs and Mark Koehn go behind the wheel of the hybrid version to give you a closer look.

Behind the Wheel: Ford Transit

Mark Koehn goes behind the wheel with Harvey Briggs to check out the latest Ford Transit. The cargo van can be set up to carry cargo, people or a mix of both.

U.S. cities with the worst roads

By forcing many Americans to stay home, COVID-19 created a rare opportunity for states to accelerate much-needed road repairs without interrupting daily commutes.