Arts & Culture

A Music Melting Pot

Brimming with a wealth of small venues that allow for intimate music experiences and an enthusiastic, committed fan base—all set amid a city whose size is perfect for generating extensive word-of-mouth buzz—Madison has been able to cultivate a strong independent music scene that often falls under the radar. Madison possesses a magnetism that attracts independent bands from all corners of the country, and these bands can't seem to get enough—many return to Madison year after year to grace audiences with their presence and mingle with fans, feeding off the energy of the city and people.

A Poet's Place

"After the Evening Lecture on Insight Meditation," by Andrea Potos

Put it on Paper

Craft store, Anthology, is a recent and welcome addition to State Street.

Summer Twilight

The native Puerto Rican's poem expresses the calm of a summer evening.

The More, the Merrier

Versatile musician Rick Flowers is concerned about cuts in school music programs and beleives all genres of music have a place in Madison.

Politics in the capital city

Colin tells us what the older generation thinks of the presidential candidates, and Jenny comments on the state "budget repair bill."


Learn about the benefits of restoring old buildings, artsy violins, skinny t-shirts and a triathlon for everyday Joes.