Catalyst for Change

t’s a lofty goal to plan a fundraiser around finding a cure for epilepsy. But it’s why we believe in the Madison Friends of CURE— Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy. The local effort is an outpost of CURE’s national work, headquartered in Chicago since 1998. And though we’re new here, we’re already gaining great support. We hope to raise $50,000 in donations to award a research grant in honor of the Madison Friends of CURE.

Our involvement is also personal. We know people touched by epilepsy. We also know neurologists working in the field. And we know those in the research community looking for a way to end this devastating neurological disease, which affects more than three million Americans of all ages. What truly unites us is the commitment to knowing that someday no family, no child, no person will have to suffer from epilepsy.

CURE is the catalyst to change the conversation and the future of the disease. And by focusing on a cure, we are raising money for important research along with awareness of the toll this disease is still taking on families. We are also encouraging policy makers and health care professionals to imagine and support a world in which a cure to epilepsy exists. Each of us probably knows at least one person who is suffering from epilepsy. Our hope through CURE is to make that number zero.

The Madison Friends of CURE Fundraiser will be held Tuesday, April 28th at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Learn more at

Teri Barr is anchor for “News 3 at 9” on TVW MyMadisonTV and co-anchors “News 3 at 10” on WISC-TV.