Casino credits customer after Call For Action intervention

Ho-chunk gaming wisconsin dells

One of Vicki Marcucci’s favorite things to do is to reach deep into her coffee can of “Ho-Chunk chips” and head to the casino near her Wisconsin Dells home to play blackjack with her boyfriend, but a recent trip with $542 in chips pretty much ended right after it started.

“When we went to sit down at the poker table, we pulled out our black chips, laid them down and the dealer looked at them and said, ‘What is that?'” she said. “We said, ‘It’s our chips. It’s a $100 chip.’ And they said, ‘That’s no good. We’ve changed our chips.'”

They spoke to a manager and then to the customer service department.

“No resolution,” she said. “(They said) ‘They’re no good. Sorry, you’re out of luck.'”

Marcucci and her boyfriend went home, complaining about how they were out $542, the equivalent of one of their car payments.

“It was our money. We had won that. We just hadn’t cashed in those chips,” she said.
“I said, ‘I’m going to call Channel 3’s Call For Action and see if they can help us,” she said to her skeptical partner. “If you don’t try, nothing can be resolved. If you at least try, then something possibly can be resolved.”

Marcucci’s case is one of the more than 430 solved so far this year by the Call For Action volunteers. When the national nonprofit organization, which mediates consumer problems, got involved, Marcucci’s issue disappeared.

A Ho-Chunk spokesperson said the casino had sent out mailers and posted the chip change information in the newspaper, as required by law. She said it was a mistake that the cage window did not exchange Marcucci’s old chips for new ones, and that she would be welcome to do so the next time she visited the casino.

Marcucci continues to enjoy her time playing blackjack at Ho-Chunk and has a new appreciation for the efforts of the Call For Action volunteers.

“It was great,” she said. “I would refer people absolutely. It’s definitely somewhere to go when you feel there’s no other direction.”