Cash counterfeiter sentenced

Minneapolis man to spend 2 years in prison

A Minneapolis man faces two years in prison and three years of supervised released after sentencing in a federal counterfeiting case Wednesday.

Prosecutors aid Bertrand Edwards, 30, passed three counterfeit $20 bills at a Denny’s restaurant on Oct. 4, 2011. He and a co-defendant, Kelly Chandler, were seen on video checking into a Lake Delton hotel the same day. Prosecutors said Edwards was seen carrying a copier in the video.

Police were called and Chandler was arrested on an outstanding warrant while Edwards was allowed to leave.

Edwards was arrested later in Dunn County on suspicion of driving while drugged. Police said they found a copier, ink, a counterfeit detector pen and $3,500 in counterfeit currency. Prosecutors said the serial numbers on the bills matched those passed at the Denny’s.

It was later discovered the same bills were used at a gas station and restaurant in Tomah.

Chandler was sentenced on July 18 to more than two years in prison for his role.