Cascade Mountain crews making snow ahead of skiing, snowboarding season

Cascade Mountain crews making snow ahead of skiing, snowboarding season

Temperatures are finally cold enough for Wisconsin’s ski season to begin. The staff at Cascade Mountain is hoping the winter air will make the resort’s latest investment worth it.

It purchased 40 snow guns this year in preparation for this year’s ski season. That’s on top of 40 guns purchased last year, bringing its total number of snow guns to nearly 400.

“That’s over a million dollars a year just in increasing our snowmaking because with the iffy weather we get here in southern Wisconsin, snowmaking is really important,” Randy Axelson, Cascade Mountain marketing director, said.

With all of the ski area’s equipment, the snow guns can cover a football field in snow in about 15 minutes. The automated system allows the guns to turn on and off, and adjust how much snow they’re making.

Two crews of eight people will be working around the clock for the next several weeks to get fresh powder on Cascade Mountain’s 45 slopes.

Warmer temperatures the past two years resulted in bad ski seasons, but Cascade Mountain employees are hopeful that this week’s freezing temperatures will mean a successful season. This isn’t necessarily a late season opener. Axelson said some years they aren’t able to open until Christmas.

Cascade Mountain’s season officially opens Friday and will be open every day through the end of the year.