‘Cars are coming in left and right’: With snow’s early arrival, drivers rush for new tires

‘Cars are coming in left and right’: With snow’s early arrival, drivers rush for new tires

Most Wisconsin residents aren’t quite ready for snow and cold this Halloween, and that means many cars aren’t, either.

“With snowfall, things like that, cars are coming in left and right,” said Mike Green, a tire technician at Broadway Tire.

An early entrance to winter weather means some rushed preparations

“When I hear about snow on the way, I’m running, just running, making sure we have everything stocked,” Green said.

Tire shops, including Broadway Tire, were slammed Thursday. The shop had to stop booking same-day appointments in the early afternoon and start scheduling them for Friday. Broadway Tire’s Sun Prairie location was equally busy.

I guess I’m not the only one with new tires on the mind after my drive to work today. Tire shops are packed as people get ready to ROLL into winter ❄️�� pic.twitter.com/bcbjklOl1A

— Madalyn O’Neill (@news3madalyn) October 31, 2019

“I kinda like it when it’s busy,” Green said.

Lucky for Green, it seems he’ll be changing tires for a while.

“Once I get it prepped, I just wait for more tires to come in, and then on to the next one,” he said.

The rush comes as drivers hurry in to make sure they’ll be safe on the road.

“That’s usually why it gets busy,” Green said. “With the blizzard coming people are sliding around the road, so many repairs that need to get done, so it definitely gets busy for sure.”

“I’m sure that a lot of people weren’t ready for it snowing on Halloween,” Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Joe Lowe said, adding that the agency had responded to more than a dozen crashes by 11 a.m.

Many drivers haven’t navigated through this type of weather in a while, and Lowe cautions even those who feel prepared to not get too confident.

“Some will get comfortable depending on the vehicle. If it’s an SUV with all-wheel drive, they will feel they have more confidence to operate that vehicle in a faster manner,” he said. “That’s not true. The vehicle can do the same thing as any other vehicle. It can go off the road and slide and you can crash.”

Lowe encourages drivers to remember winter-driving protocol: turn lights and low beams on, keep a safe distance behind other vehicles and always keep a charged cellphone handy.

He said it’s likely many drivers haven’t had time to prep — whether that means new tires or cold-weather emergency kits.

“I think it’ll probably get their attention today that they need to get that done right away,” Lowe said.

On the bright side, preparing early means drivers will be ready to roll once winter actually starts.

“Tires make a huge difference,” Green said.

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