Career experts: Job outlook promising for college graduates

Graduation is just around the corner for college seniors. For those students still on the job hunt, local career experts have good news to share.

“The job outlook for all job seekers is extremely high,” said Gretchen Rixie.

Rixie is the manager for Madison College’s Career and Employment Services. She said a majority of fields have openings, but some have more than others.

“Accounting to nurses, to motive mechanics,” Rixie said.

Rachel Penewell is one of about 1,800 Madison College students graduating Friday evening. Her goal is to become a pediatric nurse. She chose the profession for many reasons, but the high demand played a roll.

“That will also help me in the future finding jobs. I will be able to find a job more easily,” Penewell said.

According to Rixie, Madison College tracked the graduation job placement rate above 90 percent over the past three years. She’s expecting that number to be similar with this graduating class.

“There are a lot of jobs right now because the economy is doing so well. The national unemployment rate in March was about 4.5 percent and here in Madison, it’s less than three percent. We’re just in a very good region for job growth and it’s good for our graduates,” Rixie said.

Laura Dresser tracks job growth on a state level, and said current graduates are in a great position.

“This is a good time, better time than we’ve seen in a while to land with a degree,” Dresser said.

She said the unemployment rate when the American recession was at its peak was around 8 percent, making it a very difficult time for graduates to find work.

She said it’s much more promising now, so graduates still searching for jobs shouldn’t be discouraged.

“It’s a good time to land and there will be a lot of opportunities. Enjoy at least this weekend. Don’t worry this weekend,” Dresser said.

UW-Madison’s Spring Commencement will take place inside Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday at noon. Madison College will have their commencement at the Alliant Energy Center at 5:30 p.m. Friday. Edgewood College graduates will receive their diploma May 21 at 2:30 p.m.