Carbon monoxide detectors installed in Lake Delton ice arena

Devices installed after 80 people are poisoned
Carbon monoxide detectors installed in Lake Delton ice arena
Dells Ducks hockey team

A carbon monoxide detector will now protect players and fans in the Poppy Waterman Ice Arena after a leak sent 80 people to the hospital.

The Dells Ducks hockey team and coaches are now back on the ice and getting oxygen treatment and rest.

The Dells Ducks team captain, Ian Wood, said he and his teammates were looking for a reason why they were struggling during their game last Saturday. It turned out that they had literally been poisoned.

“I’ve been to the hospital for stitches and that kind of stuff, but never for carbon monoxide,” Wood said.

The Lake Delton Fire Department quickly worked with the rink and the team to find the source of the leak, which turned out to be a malfunctioning ice resurfacing machine.

The machine has been replaced, and eight carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in the lobby and behind the bleachers and benches.

“They are going above and beyond what is legally required, because after something like this happened, it scared a few people and we want to make sure nothing like this happens again here,” Lake Delton Fire Chief Darren Jorgenson said.

State Rep. Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh, who has proposed legislation requiring the detectors in other places, said the incident should spark a look at ice rinks.

“While I’m hopeful people who read these headlines will self-monitor their own situations, we need to look at what role the state will have proactively and maybe up the standards to make sure that we don’t have a case like this again,” Hintz said.

The Dells Ducks are scheduled to play Saturday night in the Poppy Waterman Ice Arena.