Car flips into snowbank after fleeing from police, MPD says

Car Crashed On Snow Bank

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police officers arrested a 22-year-old man on Monday morning after he fled from police and flipped his car into a snowbank.

Around 10:15 a.m., police officers stopped a car with no license plates near Raymon Rd. and Rae Ln. Shortly after being stopped, the car fled from the officers.

A few hours later, around 12:29 p.m., the officers spotted the car and stopped it again near Gammon Ln. and Odana Rd. The car fled from officers again — jumping a nearby curb, hitting a tree and eventually flipping into a snowbank.

After the car flipped, the driver fled the scene and attempted to run away from the officers. He was later taken into custody and taken to a nearby hospital for unknown injuries.

The identity of the suspect is not known at this time.