Car break-ins on the rise in west-side neighborhood

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Police Department is stepping up security efforts near the intersection of Maple Grove Drive and McKee Road for the rest of the summer.

Police Captain Timothy Patton believes this area has become a hotspot with 12 reports of property damage accounted for in the area from June 24th to July 12th. The majority of these incidents were car break-ins.

Those statistics are old news for Karisa Ferguson, who lives on west side and claims to have had her truck stolen from her back in 2017.

“This impacts people’s lives when this is done. It takes forever. It doesn’t get solved overnight and it’s definitely taking over this neighborhood,” explained Ferguson.

Captain Patton said he understands the community’s frustration with the uptick in crime and believes the added security measures will go a long way in solving it.

“We are frustrated by this as well. So we are doing whatever we can to get ahead of this and stay ahead of this and right now that is sharing this information as soon as we have it,” shared Patton.