Capitol Square construction impacts businesses, events

Capital Square construction project continues; Crews move to additional streets

One of Madison’s biggest construction projects is happening on the Capitol Square.

The roadwork started earlier this month and will cost an estimated $1.6 million.

Traffic has been reduced to one lane on North Carroll and West Mifflin streets, and there is less parking around the square.

While the construction may be annoying to some drivers, city engineers say it is necessary.

“The pavement is in pretty rough shape so we wanted to get that replaced. Also with the utilities underneath the streets — some of them date back to the 1800s,” Chris Petykowski, a principal engineer for the city of Madison, said.

All streets around the square will be repaved and expanded for bigger bike lanes. City officials said they are working hard to make sure big summertime events on the square will go smoothly.

“Concerts on the square will restrict work so they have to stop early that day,” Petykowski said.

The Dane County Farmer’s Market should continue as normal. However, parking will be limited so city officials are encouraging people to park farther away or walk to the event.

Construction will only take place Monday through Friday, so there won’t be any additional noise.

The biggest areas of congestion will be along West Mifflin and North Carroll streets, which are getting worked on now. All normal market vendors will be able to participate, but some vendors will have to be relocated when parts of the street shut down later this summer.

Some Crazy Legs run routes will be changed, but construction should be done in time for Taste of Madison.

Local businesses are also feeling the construction drill into their traffic.

“We get a lot of lunch customers from the Capitol, and we are seeing less customers at the Capitol for lunch,” Jeffrey Sawyer, a supervisor at Ian’s Pizza on State Street, said.

The construction will be done on Aug. 12.