Capitol police cite 7 protesters for holding banners

Police say protesters encroached on Red Cross blood drive
Capitol police cite 7 protesters for holding banners

Seven protesters have been issued citations by Wisconsin state Capitol police for holding banners during a Red Cross blood drive.

Capitol police said in a statement Wednesday that the protesters were cited for unlawful display of a sign because they did not have a permit to display the banners, while the Red Cross had received a permit for its event.

The police said some protesters voluntarily put away their banners when asked, but the seven who were cited did not.

Protesters generally opposing Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans have been a regular presence in the Capitol for more than a year.

The new Capitol police chief said last week he is going to be more aggressive in enforcing requirements that those protesting in the building have permits.

Police said the Capitol access permitting process allows all citizens equal access to Capitol spaces and helps law enforcement to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone working or visiting the Capitol.