Candlelight vigil held for Metro Market shooting victim on anniversary

Candlelight vigil held for Metro Market shooting victim on anniversary
Jane Nosal

Family, friends and co-workers of Caroline Nosal gathered at the site of her killing Thursday night on the anniversary of her death.

Nosal, 24. was shot and killed by former co-worker Christopher O’Kroley, 26 in the parking lot of the Metro Market on Cottage Grove Road on Madison’s east side on Feb. 2, 2016. Nosal was just getting off of her work shift at the grocery store.

O’Kroley pleaded guilty to homicide charges in July and, in September, was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 2056.

On Thursday night, the store, along with Nosal’s family, organized a public candlelight vigil in remembrance.

Despite temperatures that hovered in the teens, Nosal’s mother, Jane, performed a barefoot Irish dance and cleansing ritual at the site of her daughter’s death as part of the remembrance ceremony.

After the vigil, Jane Nosal told News 3 that while nothing will ever heal the damage left in the wake of Caroline’s death, tonight’s ceremony brought people closer together.

“I think it just brought us together with the people who care,” Jane Nosal said. “Your grief is as deep as your love for that person. So I’ll never stop loving Caroline. She’ll always be with me.”

Metro Market store director Tim Smith said the ceremony served as a reminder for how beloved Caroline Nosal was.

“Caroline was great with her wit, her interaction with all the employees,” Metro Market store director Tim Smith said. “She was adored by so many. She had so many friends at our store and at the other stores that she worked at and that’s why we really wanted to do something special for her in her memory.”

Nosal’s father, Jim Nosal, said the family plans to continue their advocacy on the issues of violence against women and gun control. Caroline’s parents have publicly pushed for a stricter waiting period on gun purchases in the wake of her death, among other changes.