Candidates talking about improving schools deserve your vote

Candidates talking about improving schools deserve your vote

As we continue our review of our editorial agenda for the year in the context of the upcoming election, we can’t say providing successful, 21st century education for all of our children has been ignored — unlike the first two items on our agenda, disparities and redistricting reform.

Candidates have talked about education a lot, especially issues of funding, vouchers, state standards. In other words, the same old stuff.

For us, the opportunity gap is the logical follow-up to the achievement gap.

Both describe the need to adequately and without exception make sure our children are educated and ready for the community, and college, work or both.

We’d like to hear more from all candidates about their plan to do that with things like support for teachers, resources for parents, school readiness and out-of-school-time programs, meeting the health needs of kids and incentives for business to work more closely with schools.

Rather than the tired political ideological rhetoric, we’d like to hear candidates talk about making schools better and helping kids succeed. Candidates who are talking about those things deserve your vote.