Candidates should address racial disparity

Candidates should address racial disparity

We are entering the home stretch of the 2012 election season with debates becoming ever more important and intense and campaign ads are non-stop. We thought we’d spend the next four editorials looking at the elections through the lens of our editorial agenda for the year.  Together perhaps we can think through how the candidates measure up.

Our first issue is racial disparity, a national and local concern that persists despite anyone’s best efforts to solve it. It exists today in both the age old conflict between white people and black people and the new challenges of immigration.

Race continues to affect almost every aspect of our society from law enforcement to the economy. And worst of all it remains something that too few people are willing to talk about with any honesty or desire to understand.

We can’t think of one meaningful thing a single candidate for any office has said on this topic. That’s astonishing.

Any candidate who would address racial disparity, which is to say he or she would address all of us, would get our vote.

Candidates should address racial disparity