Candidates are ignoring the moderate majority

Candidates are ignoring the moderate majority
Neil Heinen

As we move through our editorial agenda for the year issue by issue with the upcoming elections as our measuring stick we look at issue number three and have to stifle a laugh.

The moderate majority, the largest and arguably most influential group of citizens in America, has been ignored.

Candidates, particularly on the national level, pay homage to what they think the middle wants to hear, but even that is tempered by the ever-present needs of the so-called base.  They are the extremes on either political edge that candidates rely on for money and votes.

Just think about the ads you’ve seen. Can you think of one that has spoken to what you would define as the moderate middle of citizens in this country?

“One percent”

“Forty-seven percent”

Even the numbers are meant to appeal to the extremes and disenfranchise the middle.

We’d like to say perhaps we’ll yet hear from a candidate on this important point. We know we won’t.

Candidates are ignoring the moderate majority