Can you wear a mask when you go to the bank?

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MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Bankers Association is sharing what customers can expect when entering local banks when Wisconsin’s statewide mask mandate goes into effect Saturday.

Each bank will have different procedures for identifying customers entering the lobby.

While complying with the governor’s executive order, customers may be asked to:

  • Lower their mask for a few seconds while facing a security camera
  • Lower their mask for a few seconds to allow staff to identify them
  • Answer security/identification verification questions (similar to using phone banking services)
  • Use the drive-through if they are unwilling or unable to comply with the bank’s guidelines for masks

People are encouraged to contact their bank with any specific questions.

Wisconsin’s mandatory mask mandate goes into effect on Saturday and lasts through the end of September. Health care experts say a face mask can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Face coverings will be required for anyone age 5 or older while inside except at a private residence.

Violating the order could result in fines up to $200.

Exceptions have been made for people with breathing problems, eat, drinking, during certain presentations, like at church or when television journalists report the news. You can find a list of exemptions by clicking on this link.

To read the full emergency order click on this link.

More than 30 states, including Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota, have statewide mask orders.