Can a lemon really remove hard water spots?

Can a lemon really remove hard water spots?

Hard water spots don’t really bother me, but some people really can’t stand them. I feel like unless you spend a lot of money trying to “soften” your water, your bathroom fixtures are going to have water spots. It doesn’t mean they aren’t clean, it just means when the water dries it leaves little droplet spots.

When I moved into my apartment my shower fixtures had hard water spots on them. Again, they don’t bother me, but when I saw this super simple solution I figured I would try it because shiny fixtures are prettier than dull ones.

The post on Pinterest says to cut a lemon in half and rub it on the fixture. When you rinse away the juice it says the spots will magically disappear. My shower fixture basically looked like the one in the Pinterest post when I started, but definitely did not look like the “after” picture that was posted. I scrubbed and scrubbed until my lemon was in pieces and my water spots were still there. I had chunks of lemon all over the place in my shower I was scrubbing so hard. Then I took a cup of water and rinsed it off, hoping the spots would magically disappear, but they didn’t.

Pinterest do or don’t? The water spots were duller after scrubbing them with a lemon, but they definitely weren’t gone. I don’t know how anyone could possible scrub harder than I was scrubbing to get the spots off, so I probably won’t try this again. Anyone out there have any luck with this method? Did I miss a step or is there a trick I don’t know about?