CampBUILD helps girls learn skills, build confidence

MADISON, Wis. — Summer seems like the perfect time for home improvement, and with the help of a local camp, seven high school girls are learning how to get involved.

CampBUILD has been running for three years. Organized by the Girl Scouts and Madison College, the camp connects school-age girls with local people with experience in the trades. The girls complete different projects, learning about welding, carpentry, and other trades.

Camp co-founder Eliza Zimmerman says programs like these are vital in helping young girls learn career skills, particularly in male-dominated fields.

“Carpentry especially is a very male-dominated field,” said Zimmerman. “We really believe in offering opportunities for girls to learn new skills.”

Not only can campers learn new hobbies and skills, but the camp also allows them to develop friendships.

“You get to know the other girls, make new friends,” said Zimmerman.

14-year-old Camper Maggie Blough said she appreciates the quick pace of the camp, as well as the safety precautions.

“It’s nice that we’re jumping straight into a project,” said Blough. “This is more of a structured setting and there’s people who know what they’re doing.”

Overall, the camp offers girls career lessons and connections. All in a day’s work.

“They learn to fix their homes and take care of themselves,” said Zimmerman.