Campaign for governor nearing an end

Race could have implications for 2016
Campaign for governor nearing an end
Mary Burke and Scott Walker

The hard-fought Wisconsin governor’s race, with its implications for the 2016 presidential campaign, is nearing an end.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker is facing voters for the third time in four years on Tuesday as he seeks re-election after winning a 2012 recall.

Democratic challenger Mary Burke argues Walker has failed the state, not looked out for the middle class, and is focused on running for president in two years.

Burke is a former Trek Bicycles executive and state Commerce Department secretary running in her first statewide race.

Walker said he deserves a second term after cutting taxes by about $2 billion and overseeing the addition of more than 110,000 new jobs.

Burke said Wisconsin can do better and she wants to undo much of what Walker passed.