Camp Randall Stadium bumping up WiFi

750 new access points will enhance connectivity
Camp Randall Stadium bumping up WiFi

The University of Wisconsin and AT&T* have agreed to work together on a new high density Wi-Fi network and IPTV system that will bring greatly enhanced connectivity and content to Badger football fans at Camp Randall Stadium this fall.

“We are thrilled with our collaboration with AT&T in enhancing the game-day fan experience at Camp Randall Stadium,” said UW Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez.

“Along with AT&T, we are creating a high standard for connectivity in our stadium and providing a wide variety of additional content to our fans.

We want Badger football fans to have a memorable experience in our venue and this project will go a long way toward assisting us.”

AT&T will help UW deploy a high density Wi-Fi network which will allow fans to connect in the stands, suites, clubs, ticketing, media and concession stand areas via 10 Gigabit switches, accompanying wireless controllers and more than 750 access points throughout the stadium and outlying areas.

The result will be an enhanced Wi-Fi system for a better network experience to surf the Internet, check scores and share on social media sites in the 80,000-plus seat venue.

“In-stadium connectivity is becoming an essential component of the game-day experience at stadiums across the country,” said Scott T. VanderSanden, president of AT&T Wisconsin. “Whether fans are using mobile apps, texting, tweeting, checking email or surfing the Internet, they are looking for enhanced connectivity. We are excited to work with the University of Wisconsin to enhance the experience at Camp Randall for all Badger fans, students and alumni.”


The IPTV solution will transform the look and feel of Camp Randall through an innovative video and digital content distribution solution on nearly 700 high definition screens.