Caller scams grandmother out of $9,500, police say

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An 83-year-old grandmother called police after she was scammed out of $9,500 by someone claiming to be her grandson saying he was in trouble with police, according to a release.

The Madison woman told police she got a call Thursday from someone she thought was her grandson, who said he was in big trouble.

Then, a man saying he was Sgt. Kevin Hunter got on the line and told her funds were needed to bail her grandson out of jail, according to the release.

The woman went to her bank and sent money to an address in New Jersey via Fed Ex, police said.

The woman got a second call from someone claiming to be with law enforcement, saying a gun and drugs had been found in her grandson’s car, and that an additional $40,500 was needed to get her grandson out of jail because it was now a federal case, according to the release.

The woman got suspicious and reported the call to police on Friday.